Good times at Shambala

I think I often say this when I come back from a music festival, but Shambala is one of the best festivals I’ve been to. It could be the post-festival giddiness that makes me say this; or that festivals are getting better. (Or even it could be that I’m getting better at choosing what to go to. Unfortunately this can’t be true as I was invited by someone else to help with swing dance teaching.) In any case, I was only at Shambala for 24 hours, so it must be doing something right. A few highlights:
Sekou Kouyate is an astonishing Kora player, and this pair put on what was for me the best show of the festival.
Teaching swing dancing at the Idler Academy Tent
I love getting the chance to do pop up swing dancing classes. No one is expecting them, so there’s no pressure, and the vibe is always great. I’m a big fan of Tom Hodgkinson and the Idler, and so I quickly gravitated towards the Idler Academy tent. Fifteen minutes later, we’d agreed to put Brace Yourself on the bill for a beginners Charleston class. What was initially expected to last half an hour went on for two, with people coming and going and learning routines. Plans were hatched to do more dancing with the Idler Academy – watch this space.
Simon Foster – it is rocket science
I’ve seen Simon do a nine minute version of his show ‘It is Rocket Science‘ a couple of times as Science Showoff, so it was great to see the full-length version at the Guerilla Science tent, making gun powder and explaining how firing electrons out of one’s rear can propel one forward in space.
Arriving and leaving by bike
It’s the future – see previous post.
Catching up with the gang from Cloud Cuckoo Land
Chris and the crew from Upcycle were doing their free shop. Thanks for the sunglasses.
I had the most amazing haloumi sandwich on Sunday. It contained acres of the stuff.
The Vibe
Shambala is doing a good job of running a uncommercialised sponsorship-free festival that’s pushing a positive sustainable agenda. The whole thing felt great. I’d love to come back.