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Secretly teaching design – notes from our curriculum planning day at Imperial

I am just back from taking part in a Design Thread workshop at Imperial College, the aim of which was to co-ordinate activity between the various design-relevant courses on the…

Verticle louvre windows at Coventry Cathedral. The windows are arranged on a curve. The window frames are deep, creating strong shadows and deep contrasts in the photo.

Notes from ISEE 2018, UCL London

A very interesting couple of days at the 7th International Symposium of Engineering Education down at UCL. Here’s something I found interesting which I am sharing with colleagues and collaborators….

Notes from Hazel Hill/Slow Learning for teaching sustainability

I recently returned from a conservation weekend at Hazel Hill wood, the sixth such weekend in which I have participated, and a visit that prompted some more thoughts on ways…

The Big Rig at 3 years old

This is the third March in a row that I have facilitated a low-carbon skills competition at the Big Rig, which makes the Big Rig 3 years old.