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Training on what to do after declaring a climate emergency

The easy part is declaring a climate emergency: the difficult part is knowing what meaningful action to take next. This is training for the people who have been tasked with taking a declaration and turning it into a strategic plan for the business. It combines tool for high-level analysis, techniques for facilitating difficult conversations and pier-to-pier support for taking action.

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Because before we know what to build we have to be able to imagine it

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The Eiffel Over podcast

The Eiffel Over podcast: engineering, creativity and practical philosophy via your ears. Eighteen episodes and counting.

#16 Bengt Cousins-Jenvey – How to save a million tonnes of carbon

Bengt is a consultant and ‘re-designer’, working in sustainability and circular design in the built environment. This year we are working together to create training in response to the climate emergency. In this interview I ask Bengt about his big question: what single thing can you do to save a million tonnes of carbon. Exploring this question we get into:

  • High-level strategies for accounting for carbon that help avoid getting stuck in the detail.
  • Using culture-change models to guide organisations as they respond to declaring a climate emergency.
  • Thinking frameworks that help consultants engage with the businesses they are supporting.

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#15 – Oliver Broadbent interviewed by Alexie Sommer – Creativity, climate and clowning

In this episode we flip the format: Alexie Sommer, Independent Design and Communication Director and collaborator on many of my projects interviews me about why I set up Eiffel Over and Constructivist Ltd, and what our plans are for 2020. We get into:

  • Techniques for teaching creativity
  • Our programme of training support people tackling the climate emergency
  • And what engineers might learn from clowns.

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