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Because before we can build we must imagine

Regular posts on engineering, creativity and practical philosophy

Analogue Skills

Image showing a range objects including a diary, a book of lyrics, a newspaper, cards, tickets, cash, maps, calculator and a camera, all things associated with Analogue Skills

Collecting less digital ways of doing things to build an incomplete field guide to the human operating system

The Analogue Skills Project (@AnalogueSkills) is my exploration of doing things less digitally. My aim is to discover/redicover ways of being, feeling and acting that might serve us better.

How to have ideas

Read my chapter on how to have ideas in Conceptual Design of Buildings, published by the Institution of Structural Engineers.

Training courses

Professional training courses to help engineers and other humans develop the creativity and design skills they need to response to the climate and biodiversity emergencies. Delivered with my wonderful colleagues at Constructivist Ltd.

How to have ideas. How to have better ideas. Introduction to conceptual design for structural engineers. Advanced conceptual design skills. How to run a great workshop workshop. Training on what to do after declaring a climate emergency. Clowning for engineers