Public speaking

You can book me to speak at your event around the themes that I regularly write about. I prefer to speak to a live audience rather than a virtual one, but as I rarely fly, I am happy to speak online.

Creative workshop facilitation

I facilitate idea generation workshops for organisations that need to bring a rigorous creative boost to their thinking.

I offer workshops at project level. Are you struggling to define the brief? Do you need some new thinking in your process? Are you overwhelmed by inputs? Is it unclear where to go next?

My project-level workshops bring a clear, rigorous process to the messy business of creative thinking.

I also offer workshops at organisational level. Is the challenge you face bringing creative thinking into your team or company? Do you have a strategic approach for developing innovative thinking? Do you want to build a healthy culture of creativity in your organisation.

My strategic-level workshops provide a rigorous framework for understanding how creative thinking works at an organisational level, and help you develop an action plan for building creative capacity.

The workshops that I deliver are based on the creative thinking tools for projects you will find listed here, including the five elements of a project brief and building a Kalideascope.

Mentoring and coaching

I offer coaching and mentoring to people who want to positively and bravely lead their organisations to be the best they can be in the climate and ecological emergencies.