My name is Oliver Broadbent, and this is Eiffelover, a blog about three things that interest me the most: engineering, education and entertainment – and where they meet.

  • By engineering, I’m usually talking civil, buildings and transport.
  • By education, I’m particularly interested in the learning that goes on around the edges of formal educational routines, the stuff of everyday experience.
  • By entertainment, I mean getting up and singing a song, telling a story, doing a dance or telling a joke.


Engineering – I studied civil engineering in London and Paris, where this blog began, before going to work for engineering consultancy Expedition

Education – I am Director of Think Up, an education consultancy that develops innovative approaches to STEM education. My job there is effectively being an educational inventor, dreaming new and exciting ways for people to learn about the engineering that surrounds them – and turning those ideas into products.

Entertainment – I’ve been writing and performing songs for 18 years, and telling bad jokes for even longer.  I’ve been dancing the Lindy Hop since 2003, and run a swing dancing performance and teaching group called Brace Yourself.

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