Eiffelover Podcast

  • Episode 1 – from EMF camp – imaginitive engineering and creative insights from a field in Surrey.
  • Episode 2 – Corina Kwami – what engineers can learn from Dante, and lots more.
  • Episode 3 – Andrew Scoones – defining engineering culture – tales of design from the Engineering Club
  • Episode 4– Crossing France very very fast – a paean to TGVs
  • Episode 5 – Nick Cobbing: Photographing the Arctic
  • Episode 6 – Riding the Northern Line Ghost Train
  • Episode 7 – Musician, singer and composer Ellie Westgarth-Flynn
  • Episode 8 – Eiffelover on tour in San Francisco
  • Episode 9 – Engineering transport in San Francisco with Andrew Kosinski
  • Episode 10 – The JP Flintoff Meta-podcast – saving the world one creative project at a time
  • Episode 11 – Jack Bardwell: Spine-tingling creativity
  • Episode 12 – Roma Agrawal: How to build a skyscraper

4 thoughts on “Eiffelover Podcast

  1. Hi Oliver. Big fan of the podcast. Love your work. Just wondering where I can sign up for the elusive “mailing list” that gets mentioned at the end of each episode?

    • Hi Tristan, thanks for much for this feedback! Yes, good question. I am still working on a sign-up ‘button’ for the mailing list. In the meantime, are you happy for me to sign you up manually using the email address you used to submit this comment? thanks. Oliver.

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