In the can: the Bare Essentials of Soil Mechanics

Bare Essentials of Soil Mechanics


Today at Think Up I posted the first five videos of a series we are creating called the Bare Essentials of Soil Mechanics. The idea of the Bare Essentials series is for senior figures in the engineering profession to identify the key pieces of knowledge that they think engineers really need to understand. For this first set of videos we worked with Professor John Burland of Imperial College. John is known for being a great teacher, and though I didn’t have the benefit of his lecturers, I can see why. Working with him on this project has been really enjoyable.

Take a look for yourself here, and if you like what you see, please help spread the word as the more hits we get, the sooner we are likely to raise funding for some more…and we have some great ideas for the next set.

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