Why blog?

This first entry is not a treatise on why one should blog.  I am not even certain why I should blog.  But I am certain that I like other people’s blogs, so much so that I want to have a go myself.

So what might the casual reader expect to find in this blog?  Well, wary of promising too much and not delivering – a common syptom of initial overenthusiasm – lets just keep it simple…

I want to achieve two things with this blog.

  • Those who know me know that I am on the unhealthy side of enthusiastic about civil engineering – buildings, bridges, towers, tunnels, cities – the lot.  I want to use this blog to share that enthusiasm with anyone  who is interested.
  • I am about to spend a year studying in France.  I hope this blog will help people I know stay in touch with me and with what I am doing.  I also hope that it will encourage those who are intereested in studying abroad to apply.

So there you have it.  My first entry.  Predicatable I am sure.  I hope that the rest is less predicatable and more enjoyable.

Ciao for now