Wilkinson Ire – Successful Expedition

It is with great pride that I report that Expedition Engineering won Thursday’s cricket match against Wilkinson Eire architects.  In a game between two teams each with a fair spread of novices and more skilled players, the tension was maintained right until the last ball of the final over.  Expedition won by two runs.

I have to confess that despite my great improvement at the nets, my bowling was a little dismal.  When I batted I was in with Chris Wise, and we finished the batting with the pair of us not out.  Although I didn’t quite score any runs by hitting the ball, there was a no ball called when I was at the wicket – maybe my ugly mug put the bowler off and made him send the ball wide, giving us the two points that we wouldn’t have won without, I am sure!

Though my placement with Expedition is short (too short with ever clearer hindsight – funny how with age your eye sight diminishes but your hindsight becomes sharper), there is a chance that there will be another match before I leave for France.  Next time i hope to actually score a run.  That would be a real improvement!

It is great to be playing sport.  I forfitted that day’s gym session because I knew I would be getting some excercise at the game.  Though quite what the net benefit was, considering the beers and chips on the company tab afterwards, I am not so certain.