A shout out to the dancing crowd at the Idler Festival

This post is a message to all the lovely people who joined one my dancing lessons at the Idler Festival. You were such a lovely crowd. I had so many great conversations with people who were just happy to be dancing. And it fills me with joy to get people moving their bodies to music.

A big thank you to Tom and Victoria for inviting me back. And a big thank you to Ellie Westgarth-Flynn for teaching with me.

A few of you were asking if I teach anywhere regularly. The short answer is no, but I am looking forward to returning to more festival teaching in the year ahead. If you are based in London, check out Swing Out London for details of classes. If you are based in the West Country, then check out Swing Dance Bristol.

If you have found your way to this blog then hopefully you will find it to be a joyful mix of engineering, creativity, dance and philosophy, all tools I think we need to build the places we want to live in. So stay tuned, or sign up to my mailing list.

I’ll post again soon with the playlists from my teaching sessions.

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  1. Thanks so much for getting me moving. Loved it despite the heat. You were a great teacher.

    Dance is such a great way to feel happy.

  2. Thanks for bringing happiness to everyone at your dance lessons after a very gruelling few years of pandemic. You were a beacon of sunshine.
    the person who you encouraged to join in with the dancing (I’m really glad I did, even though I was boiling from the heatwave)

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