This post is still under construction. In this post I am linking together the best of my material on facilitation tools for engineers (and other humans). To facilitate is to render a conversation easier. Many of us are taught to present but not to facilitate. What’s the difference? Why might I want to facilitate? And how do I do it? It’s all in here. Stay tuned as I add more content (19/10/21).

From Presentation to Facilitation

  • Oliver’s mantra for facilitation
  • What you want may not be what they need
  • From positivism to constructivism
  • Build the agenda together
  • From expert on content to expert on process

The Four Modes of Facilitation

  • Presentation
  • Break-out
  • Guided Q&A
  • Guided Plenary

And underpinning many of these, how to use Catalytic Style.

Structure for different outcomes

  • Transmitting information
  • Learning about a situation
  • Helping people help each other

Training Courses

Facilitation training is some of my favourite training to deliver because it quickly gets into how we relate to each other. This is great stuff to explore.

Check out the latest courses we are running on facilitation, design and all sorts of related material.