It’s not just architects who make great buildings

article3.jpgOver the last couple of weeks the Guardian has been publishing their Great Modern Buildings pullout. In each issue, there are photos, blue prints and articles about the structure of the day. The articles go into some depth about the architects, but the engineers seem to have been forgotten. In the case of the Pompidou centre, who’s design has as much to do with the structural engineer Peter Rice as it does to do with the architects Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers, the omission of the engineer was the subject of a column today in the Guardian co-authored Rice’s son Kieran who is President of RFR, the company that the late Rice senior cofounded.

I think it is great that the Guardian is championning some great pieces of design in these daily supliments. I only wish that they would also champion the designers.

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  1. I agree with you, engineers also play a key role. They deserve more recognition for their work.

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