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It’s one of those things about growing up. People start calling you Mister. For a long time it was just my bank or anyone asking me for money. It wasn’t until I started teaching maths in the states that I had to get used to the sound of Mr.Broadbent on a regular basis. You see, the trouble is it’s just not me, it’s my Dad, or even his father.

Since I have been at Imperial, things have been pretty quiet on the mister-stakes. Today however, I became Monsieur Broadbent when I stepped for the first time into the English conversation class that I have now started teaching at the University of Marne-la-Vallee. There are few things that I hate. Nuclear bombs and radishes. Apart from those the only other thing I really dislike is the sound of ‘Broadbent’ said in a French accent. There is no way you can twist Broadbent to make it sit comfortably on a French palette, and I have tried. So no sooner had I become Monsieur Broadbent did I quickly rebrand myself as ‘Oliver’. Original, I know but it just seems to sit well with me. My parents like it. If it wasn’t for all the trouble it would cause with French bureaurocracy, I would just ditch the Broadbent bit all together for the year. Just like Brittany did.

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  1. Isabel Hoff

    Hi Oliver!

    I don’t know if it’s really you I’m looking for, but I’ve seen that your father is Nigel and that he plays the violin in the LSO. So I think you’re Daniel’s brother, aren’t you? Did you spend some of your long vacation in Clermont Dessous in France at your great-grandfather’s house?
    I came to London with my parents in 1997. So it’s a long time ago. I have an old address..something with “chiltern road”, but I never got any answer to my letters =(
    Well, I hope yo’re the right one and that I get a reply. You have my email address ^^

    best regards

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