Sometimes when I write on this blog I like to distill my thoughts around one topic. But when there’s lots going on I prefer to write in more of a diary mode, capturing observations, events and the things that are on my mind in case they are useful for when I have a bit more time to do some distillation. For anyone who is a regular reader of this blog you will recognise this as just another way to keep a Kalideascope, gathering the elements from which I can make future creative connections. 

The big news is that James Norman and I now have a signed contract with the Institution of Structural Engineers to publish our book on regenerative design for structural engineers. We are two-thirds of the way through the first draft and our aim is to get this completed before our respective summer travels. So I have a mid-July writing deadline to hit. But in the meantime there is all of the following going on:

  • Monday I am off to Hazel Hill Wood to prep for the next thing on my list:
  • Tuesday and Wednesday this week I co-leading the second of the three woodland-residential retreats for the Regenerative Design Lab. 
  • Thursday I am teaching a session on advocacy in net-zero design as part of the Net-Zero Structural Design course I run with Will Arnold at the Institution of Structural Engineers. 
  • Thursday I am also teaching a workshop for the Cambridge Institute of Sustainable Leadership’s masters programme, Interdisciplinary Design for the Built Environment. This will be a reflective session on preparing the soon-to-graduate students for applying their learning in practice.
  • Thursday also (big day!) we have the summer meeting of Hazel Hill Wood’s Trustees. 
  • Friday to Sunday I am teaching Lindyhop and Charleston at the Idler Festival, Fenton House. 

And finally, Sunday, at around midnight, I am running an online workshop for a construction firm in Australia about avoiding error in construction, part of the GIRI initiative. 

Somewhere in the middle of all that, I am going to do some book writing. I’ll keep you posted.