We all know the story of the boy who cried wolf. He didn’t really mean it. In the end, everyone stopped believing him. Wolf didn’t mean anything. But the danger was still there. When the wolf came, nobody helped. The wolf got him.

What do you think happens if your organisation declares a climate emergency and then doesn’t really do anything about it? 

In an emergency, individuals take the shortest path to a place of safety. The normal rules don’t count. People collaborate to help others in greatest danger. The situation is monitored to see if the danger has subsided. We only go back when it is safe to do so.

If your organisation has declared a climate emergency, but most of the business is carrying on as usual, then do they really mean it? Has your work and the work of your colleagues changed substantially since declaring that emergency or not?

If so then they don’t really really mean it. Climate emergency will stop being meaningful. But the danger is still here. 

When the wolf came, nobody helped. The wolf got him. Except the him is all of us.