From hospital waiting rooms to long-distance train journeys, the weather page is a great conversation starter for my daughter and me, full of questions about geography, mathematics, history, about language…

Where will it be warmest? Where will it be coldest? What is the largest temperature range. How do negative numbers work? How do you subtract a negative number from a positive number?

What are sunny intervals? What’s the difference between sleet and snow? What do all the colours mean?

Why it is warmer in Penzance? What’s the Gulf Steam? Where are the Isles of Scilly? What are those (the Shetland Islands)?

Can we see the moon? What shape will it be today? When will the sun rise? For how many hours will the sun be in the sky today?

Why is it called Lands End? Why isn’t it called Lands Start? Why do you ask? Well, when people cycle from Lands End to John o’Groats they usually start in Lands End, so I think it should be called Lands Start. Good question.