Day 3 at the RDI Summer School 2013

7am: ten of us met for an early morning swim in the Dart. The water was so cold it began to burn, but the sensation was incredible. Whether they had…

Cumulonimbus at Dartington Hall

Notes from Day Two of the RSA RDI Summer School – sort of

My aim for this reportage has been to tell a live story from the Summer School. This is tricky to do because, as I said in my first day post,…

RDI Summer School

RDI Summer School – Day One

What is remarkable about the RDI Summer School is how so many people applied on the basis on personal recommendation, and yet how little any of the attendees know about…

Off to the RDI Summer School

For the next few days, I will be down at the RDI Summer School. Over four days and three nights, the School inspires, challenges, and provokes designers and those who use…

Image showing student in front of reactor vessel at Nuclear Island Big Rig

Build a nuclear power station in a week

It was three years ago, standing in the middle of my first Big Rig structure that I first had the idea of getting engineering students to build their own nuclear…

Photo of students taking to facilitator at the Big Rig

The difference between what you plan and what actually happens

I spend a lot of time at Think Up working on the design of high-impact construction training events (for examples: Constructionarium, Big Rig, Build Camp and Nuclear Island 1 & 2)….

Diary – Feral/Flora and Forna/Hook, Line and Singer

I’m now several chapters into George Monbiot’s book Feral, and I’m enjoining it immensely. It is already making me think differently about the ways in which I choose to engage…

An image showing someone sitting half way up the Serpentine Pavilion

Diary: Imperial College/Serpentine Pavilion/University of Austin Texas

Yesterday morning was a first. I gave a presentation to 80 students at Imperial while holding a baby in my hip. The presentation was part of the kick-off day for the Expedition-Imperial 2013 Constructionarium week…

Human cantilever bridge demonstration. Black and white. Benjamin Baker. Forth Bridge

Building the Forth Bridge on Stage

For my first time on stage at Science Showoff back in November 2011, I decided to recreate the famous public demonstration conducted by engineer Benjamin Baker to reassure the public…

Overlooking the Barbican lake

Barbican, you were looking lovely today

Today the Barbican looked stunning. I had the feeling that with the sun shining this is how Chamberlin, Powell and Bonn’s original renders of the Barbican might have looked.