The Analogue Skills Project (@AnalogueSkills) is my exploration of doing things less digitally. My aim is to discover/redicover ways of being, feeling and acting that might serve us better.

In less than a generation digital technology has transformed the way we think, feel and behave. As we become ever more dependent on our digital devices and online connectivity, what once served has become a means to manipulate us. From user to used.

With dependency comes fear. How could I ever live without it? But so ubiquitous is our internet-enabled world that we risk forgetting the ways we could live and flourish without computers in our pockets.

The study of Analogue Skills is a playful invitation to go back a few steps on our journey of tech development to discover – or rediscover – the capabilities of our in-built human operating system: to sense, discover, navigate, reflect, relate to and love one another.

The Analogue Skills Project is my attempt to record less-digital ways of doing things before they get forgotten so that we can use these to evaluate what technology we do and don’t want. It is an attempt to build resilience and reduce dependence on technology that may not always be there to help us. It is my hope to find a more human balance between the analogue and the digital.

Over the coming weeks and months I am going to be writing a series of posts on specific analogue skills as well as reflections on the engineering, creative and practical philosophical implications of analogue versus digital.

If you have suggestions for analogue skills that I should include in this collection, then please add them to the collection below.

The Analogue Skills Manifesto

  1. Don’t delegate autonomy to the machines
  2. Resist a mediated experience
  3. Resist life as content
  4. Re-discover old tech
  5. Much less is much more
  6. Welcome uncertainty
  7. Don’t get things done
  8. Share, swap and learn from others
  9. Relish company
  10. Seek nourishment in time alone
  11. Embrace friction, embrace inconvenience
  12. Forget the unimportant and remember the valuable
  13. Ground yourself and find your bearings
  14. Use your hands and your senses
  15. Concentrate
  16. You have everything you need

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