Analogue Skill 003: Watch the clouds – streaming now

Watch the clouds. Streaming now. Telling a story of past, present and future. Of up there and down here.

If you also live on the lump of rock that is Great Britain, then you will be fortunate enough to have a drama unfolding in the skies above you most days. The clouds are so familiar that it is easy not to notice them. But start to pay them attention and curiosity may get you hooked again.

You can categorise. Types, shapes etc. You can analyse. Where are they forming and dissipating? What do they tell you about the weather that has been and that will come.

You can make believe. That one looks like a guinea pig. Play cloud geography bingo: find clouds that look like each country on your local continent. 

You can just watch as a small airborne sheep drifts slowly across the blue sky, slowly evaporating until there is nothing left but blue sky.

What is the Analogue Skills project?

The Analogue Skills Project is my attempt to gather together and keep safe less digital ways of doing things in case we need them again. My aim is to discover/redicover ways of being, feeling and acting that might serve us better.

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  1. This post is so true, clouds are overwhelmingly amazing.

    Reminds me of a time when I was travelling across Nepal in a small plane and knew that I should be able to see Mount Everest out of the left window. After several minutes I gradually made out a huge towering edifice in the distance, more massive than I had ever imagined and the purest white I had ever seen – I was awestruck. But then it started to move and I realised it was a cloud, the small dull grey shape under it was Mount Everest.

    Why was the cloud suddenly less awesome?

    Imagine how great life would be if we could take joy and inspiration daily from the clouds!

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