Coventry Cathederal

After a recent seminar in Coventry I had an hour to spare and so headed over to the famous cathederal. This sketch doesn’t come close to catching the finesse of the columns on this bold modern design but it serves to remind me of the textiures and feel of the place.

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  1. Tristan Harris

    “But why didn’t you just take a photo?”

    • I did, but I find that I see much more when I draw it. It helped me understand for example how the geometry of the ceiling worked, and helped me notice how the light went from light to dark on the massive sections of the concrete walls.

    • Also.. i still have sketches I drew when I lived in France ten years ago long after I’ve lost the photos I took at the same time.

      • Tristan Harris

        I hope you can see that I was playing the part of the philistine!
        Sketching a scene instead of taking a photo is like reading a book instead of watching a film. It requires a lot more patience and concentration, but it ultimately rewards you with a deeper understanding of the subject that lasts with you for a much longer time.
        The same could be said about letter writing… do you accept hand written blog comments?

        • Ah I see… sorry! Nice to meet a like-minded sketcher. Another benefit is it is actually quite meditative, just sitting there and concentrating one thing. It also, I think helps you build your own understanding because you draw what you interpret from the site, and focus on the things important to you. A quick snap captures everything, and nothing at the same time.

          I would welcome hand-written blog comments!

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