On 2nd June I was invited to give the opening keynote of the American Institution of Structural Engineer’s annual conference. I used the opportunity to make the case for:

  • Why we need creativity in our profession more than ever, 
  • What the dampers might be to creativity 
  • And how to build creativity into our work in a way, that is, like our analytical work, careful, thorough and conscientious. In other words, rigorous creativity. 

In my mind, there is no doubt that the climate and ecological emergencies are going to need some urgent creative thinking, and so this was the starting point for my talk.

At the same time, I am as ever conscious that there are on-the-ground barriers to address to creativity in organisations. One in particular caught really seemed to capture the attention of my audience: project management culture.

Having set the scene, I used the second half of the keynote to share strategies and tools for building creativity and an individual, team and organisational level.

This is what the person who booked me said about it all:

Your keynote was just OUTSTANDING. I had high hopes and expectations for you keynote and you exceeded them. A great message that we all needed to hear.

Glenn Bell

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