Today we had a proper tourist day in Paris. We’ve been numerous times with our daughter but now she’s old enough to remember we decided to take in some sights. And you know, it’s good to do these things every so often even in the places you call or once called home.

Main mode of transport was the Bateau Bus. I love the ferry ride. I often wonder why boats aren’t used more in cities to get around. We had three great rides along the river to get us to right across town.

Here are some snaps

Nation Station – I have always loved the futuristic from the past look of this station.
The peeing fountains are always a giggle
The eponymous tower in all its glory and ridiculousness
Complicated node connection
Paris Plage
The plan of Paris Plage activities
Beach bar and football area
Climbing wall and water misters to keep everyone cool

Paris Plage

Paris Plage is Paris’s beach. Created by closing a busy road along the banks of the river. The fully pedestrianised area is a mixture of beaches, at areas, games areas and just generally space to hang out. It’s not commercial. It’s there to enrich the life of people. A fantastic example of shared public abundance.