You are a world class performer at living your typical day. No one else has practised the precise set of habits, in the same precise sequence that makes up your typical day and with same ease as you. From how you wake up to, to how you speak to family or friends, to the first thing you think when you arrive at work to what you do in the evenings.

Our experience of life is what we do every day. Habit, developed over time, adds terrific momentum to our routines until they become a hard-to-stop force in our lives (I might need to do a dimensional analysis on that statement).

The big question is the sum effort of all those habitual actions taking you to wear you want to be in the long run and making you happy along the way? (These two questions are a key to my concept of the Happy Grid – prioritising your to-do list in a more fulfilling way).

If you want to become more creative in your work, then the most powerful thing you can work on is your habits. If you want to develop a more creative team, then the most powerful thing you can work on is process, routines and rituals – the things we do every day.

Pick something small and start to do it every day. Do it every day. Do it every day. I think you get the point.

Every day you do it you build momentum. You won’t necessarily notice the benefit at start, but everyday adds a little more, until you start to notice the effects.

Underneath the surface busyness of modern life, very little of our day is not routine – be those physical routines or mental routines for how we respond to different situations.

What if you could work on gradually shifting those routines, little-by-little, on a daily basis to help you be happier in the moment, and do useful creative things in the long run?

Start now.