Today I am sharing more of the thinking that went into my vision question for Hazel Hill Wood: what if we became a centre for regenerative practice?

It is my view that sustainability has been captured by mainstream industry and politics as a smokescreen for business-as-normal. We now know that our efforts to sustain our ecosystems for the benefit of future generations has not been enough and that we now beginning a process of climate and ecosystem breakdown. 

What we need to do now is move beyond sustaining the current system towards regenerating our ecosystems. A regenerative ecosystem is one that is able to recover from shock. It is one that is able to thrive and become bio productive once more with nothing more than the energy from the sun.

In his book ‘Designing Regenerative Cultures’ Daniel Wahl describes how our tendency to destroy nature comes from our separation from nature. In order to stop destroying our planet and create the societal and cultural context in which nature can regenerate, we need to reconnect with nature and with each other to find abundance and possibility in collaboration. Ultimately it is about designing every action for greater human and planetary health.

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