It is my role as Chair of Hazel Hill Trust to be the ‘vision holder’ for the project. There are lots of ways you can interpret what this means. It could be to write the vision. Or it could be to facilitate the process from which the vision emerges. I have chosen a middle path, which is to ask a question.

My question is, what if Hazel Hill Wood could become a centre for regenerative practice? The challenge I am faced with is being consultative and facilitative about longer-term decision-making at the same time as providing direction while we bring on board new Trustees and make some important operating decisions.

Asking a question rather than providing an answer sits more comfortably with my constructivist, problem-based learning practice. Yes, I am setting a question, and that question tells us in which direction to head. But the answer gets decided by the people on the journey.

Read my post setting out this vision question on the Hazel Hill Trust website.