In the height of the first Covid lockdown I was invited by James Norman and the Institution of Structural Engineers to give a talk on how to maintain creativity across remote teams. During the talk I covered:

  • Understanding the design team as a creative system
  • Ways to improve interactions across a team of remote workers
  • Improving ways to share design information when the traditional ways are no longer possible.

As with any disruptive change it is important to ask:

  • What have we started doing that we should stop?
  • What have we started doing that we should continue?
  • What have we stopped doing that we should restart?
  • And what have we stopped that we should never do again?

As we explored during the Q&A, there are lots of disadvantages to remote working in terms of getting a team together to share space. But there are also advantages to exploit, for example the availability of a much wider range of people and their willingness to dial in.

The talk was part of a series to promote the book to which I was a contributing author: Conceptual Design of Buildings.