Travelling on Eurostar with a baby

Riding in the buffet car

This week we took our 5-month old by Eurostar to Paris. The experience of travelling with a baby is adding a new perspective to my journeys. Long-distance train travel with a baby is by no means impossible. The couple travelling opposite us on the Eurostar last Friday were on their way to Florence by night train, having recently travelled to Venice and to Madrid by sleeper with their well-travelled toddler. Most things still feel possible – I just feel I want to know a little more in advance. So this post is for the benefit of other people seeking reassurance about travelling on Eurostar with a baby.

Travelling on Eurostar with a baby is easy. Make sure you book in the family car (for us it was car number one) so that you are close to the baby change. What you do when you get to Paris is another matter. The metro is inaccessible to prams because of the barriers. The RER on the other hand has more accessible gates, larger trains with more capacity for push chairs. And more scenic than either is the bus, which has lots of room for buggies.

One of my favourite things to do on any long-distance train journey is to stand in the buffet car and watch the world zoom by. It turns out that the rocking motion of this pass time is perfect for sending little ones to sleep. One of my favourite things made better.