When I teach I realise I am drawing on ideas that I have gathered and processed over many years, but little of which exists outside my head. If I compare a mental list of the main concepts and ideas that have preoccupied my thinking for the last few years, I find it bears little correlation with what I have written over that period.

Somehow other work gets in the way of sharing that inner world*. But I know from the feedback I get from my teaching and writing that people benefit from what I have to say on some topics, and give me the benefit of the doubt on others. And so this blog is intended to be a more disciplined attempt to capture this extended thought process and make it available to other people.

By committing to a daily practice I aim to make sure I keep some attention reserved for the threads herein even if I am busy. I don’t expect the posts to be coherent in a linear way, but through regular writing I hope to spot themes emerging over time. These themes can form the basis of more substantial pieces of work – writing or training.

As those themes are emerging, this will be the inside story. Thanks for reading.

*This framing about an inner world I have borrowed from Proust – see tomorrow’s post.